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Boneyard – 1:20pm

Back in 2012, a who’s who of LA’s queer indie/punk scene got together to pay homage to mutual friend and avid music supporter, Andy Bone, by playing his favorite songs at his 50th birthday party hosted by EagleLA. It was such a memorable night that several of them decided to repeat the idea ten years later, playing a completely different set to an enthusiastic crowd celebrating Andy’s 60th. When searching for a band name, it made sense to incorporate the band’s muse, hence Boneyard. The band enjoyed working together so much, that they agreed to continue playing songs that have meant so much to them, whenever an opportunity presents itself. With the pedigree and experience these musicians carry, they set high benchmarks for themselves to ‘get the songs right.’ The exhilaration and love of playing live music is a gift all its own, and that’s what makes Boneyard’s performances shine. Seeing them reminds you why you love music in the first place.



CHRIS GANSER – guitars, keyboards, vocals

(Gay Gay’s, Secrets of Godseye, Party And Play, White Trash Debutantes)


(HAPPYFORYOU, Temperamentals)

SEAN NILES – keyboards, vocals

(HAPPYFORYOU, Temperamentals, Exhibition, Gay Gay’s, Party And Play)

CHRIS FREEMAN – bass, vocals

(Pansy Division, Gay Gay’s, GayC/DC, MARY)


(HAPPYFORYOU, Secrets of Godseye, Future Villain Band)