SUN April 2, 2017  11am – 7pm

Off Sunset is the closing event for
 Los Angeles Leather Pride!



HAPPYFORYOU Flash back for all those who couldn't see this performed live - HAPPYFORYOU cover Depeche Mode NEVER LET ME DOWN
April 3rd, 2016
07.27.2016 at 01:02 pmLike
Craig Blackburn Anyone who purchased a garment from Stealth Hidden Power (Chance Freeman) during the festival was grossly overcharged. Weather you payed cash or credit. When you find out how much you were overcharged you may be pissed. The whole kit is $35 in SanFrancisco and online. He charged every single person in LA $65 and did not disclose the overcharge.05.06.2016 at 07:43 pmLike
Marcos Mitchell hello...05.05.2016 at 09:05 amLike
Marcos Mitchell hello, I'm Marcos..05.05.2016 at 09:04 amLike
Off Sunset Festival It was certainly a hot weekend!
Was great seeing the community out in full force at the festival.
04.06.2016 at 11:08 amLike
John M Mayhew Jr. Does anyone know who the photographer is who was taking pics. Red beard with gray mustache. He took a few of my partner and me. Would love to see the photos.04.05.2016 at 12:32 pmLike



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Admission is only $20 at the gate!!!